Soave winemakers to launch UK campaign in 2019

The trade body for the wines of the Soave region has revealed plans to launch a campaign next year in the UK to highlight the “great quality, character and value of contemporary Soave”.

Conzorzio of Soave, the trade body for wines from the region, said while medium-term availability and production levels had fallen slightly, the price for grapes and wine had increased.

President, Sandro Gini, said: “Those who have worked well in the vineyard and selected carefully will have an impressively high quality, and a fair price as their reward.”

Aldo Lorenzoni, the Conzorzio’s director, said: “The demand for high quality Soave is increasing in all key markets, including the UK, and in 2019 we will continue to support the UK market with a campaign that highlights the great quality, character and value of contemporary Soave.”

The group noted that the 2018 has been promising and challenging across Europe and Soave, along with many of the classic regions, saw plenty of warm weather interspersed with frequent rain. This meant there was a fight against mildew versus the “tantalizing prospect” of a full, ripened crop.

On the whole, the winegrowers from the region have hailed the 2018 vintage a success, primarily thanks to the ‘Sentinals of Soave’, which is a band of technical specialists who help the growers using an integrated system focused on biodiversity. 

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