Bulleit Frontier Whiskey reveals first-ever revamped bottle

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey has launched a limited-edition bottle in a bid to bring a taste of the US to the UK.

The Bulleit Bourbon Tattoo Edition Bottle, which has been scheduled for the festive season, has been created in collaboration with Jess Mascetti, the renowned tattoo artist from East Side Ink, New York.

The design, which has been inspired by her native home of New York, has been printed directly onto the bottle.

The collaboration marks the first time the Bulleit bottle has ever been altered.

Mascetti said: “I wanted to showcase all that I love about my city in all of its spectacular beauty and overwhelming texture and grit, where Mother Nature meets human nature. Where the greatest achievements in art and architecture share spaces with the denizens and creatures of the city.”

The limited bottle release is part of Bulleit’s Frontier Works series, an ongoing platform that aims to celebrate creative individuals and artisans on the cultural frontier. The activity follows Bulleit’s Community Ink project, which celebrates the diverse world of tattooing in Europe.

A limited run of the Bulleit Bourbon Tattoo Edition bottle will be available from Amazon UK priced at £27.40.

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