Global wine production estimated at 12% up on 2017

World wine production rallied in 2018 after the dismal grapes harvests of 2017 to reach its highest level since 2000.

The Organisation Internationale de la Vigne & du Vin (OIV) estimated this year’s global production at 282 million hl, an increase of 12.3% on 2017.

In Europe, the hardest hit region in 2017, only Portugal and Greece saw a decrease this year.

Portuguese production dropped 22% as a result of weather that caused “downy and powdery mildew”, according to the OIV.

The three biggest world producers – Italy, France and Spain – saw production increase by 14%, 27% and 26% respectively.

The figures restored France and Spain to pre-2017 levels though Italy is still just short of 2015 and 2016 production figures.

Production was described as “very high” in South America where Chile recorded a 36% increase to 12.9 million hl, and Argentina grew 23% to 14.5 million hl.

Argentina’s production has increased by 54.3% in the space of two years but a dramatic slide in production in 2015/16 means it is still below the volumes it produced in 2014.

Germany was up 31% this year and Romania, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary all saw significant increases.

Drought in South Africa led to volumes produced falling 12% against 2017.

Australia was down 9% after two sizable harvests in 2016 and 2017 but 2018 production rose in New Zealand by 6% in the country’s the third biggest harvest ever.

The US – the fourth largest producer in the world – increased production by 2%.