Borough Wines collaborates with MW to launch its own range of wine

11 July, 2018

Borough Wines and Beer has launched its own range of wine, Maison 54, with Master of Wine, Liam Steevenson.

The first in the series - a Petillant Natural (Pet-Nat) from South West France and a Corsican Vermentino – are available in shops and online now. A third white wine in the range, a Terret Blanc from Languedoc, will be arriving in stores at the end of the month. A further Maison 54 release is planned for the Autumn.

Maison 54 Pet Nat (rsp: £15) is bottled while still undergoing fermentation, and traditionally at a lower pressure than other sparkling wines. This style of wine has a gentle spritz and a fresh character.

The 11% abv wine is made from a blend of Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc from South West France.

Maison 54 Vermentino IGP Ile de Beaute 2017 (rsp: £10) is a Corsican white, which is expected to appeal to fans of Sauvignon. The wine is fermented and left on its lees, giving it a mineral complexity, with notes of fresh grapefruit, lemon and honeysuckle.

The name ‘Maison 54’ is a homage to the Paris address where surrealists including Andre Breton and Marcel Duchamp invented the collaborative drawing style Cadavre Exquis (now better known as the party game ‘Consequences’). Each artist would draw a segment of a body before folding over the paper and passing it on to the others to complete. Unfolding the paper would bring the separate parts together in one figure, reflecting “a wild and wonderful collaborative creation”.

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