Corkscrew partners with Majestic to offer discount on single bottles

Corkscrew, the free wine recommendation app, has partnered with Majestic Wine to give its users the Majestic ‘mix-six’ price on single bottles.

The price, which is applicable across the retailer’s full wine range, is usually reserved for customers buying a minimum of six bottles. The minimum discount is 10% rising to almost 37.5% off the usual single bottle price.

Savings featuring the Corkscrew offer include £14 off a bottle of Bollinger Special Cuvee NV Champagne (£45.99 reduced to £31.99) or £2 off a bottle of First Class Pinot Noir 2015 Bio Bio Valley (£7.99 reduced to £5.99).

To get the offer consumers need to download the app and open it in any Majestic store, which causes a pop-up voucher to appear on the screen. Users can then show the voucher at the till to get the special ‘mix-six’ price.

Bryn Snelson, managing director, group digital acquisition (Majestic Wines, Naked Wines, Lay & Wheeler), said: “At Majestic we are all about finding wines that people love. Helping our customers to discover brilliant bottles and uncover hidden gems is the key, and the more ways we can help them to do this, the better – which is where the Corkscrew app comes in. Together with our expert staff, we hope to help untangle the world of wine for everyone.”

Corkscrew also works in supermarkets, restaurant chains and 400 restaurants in Central London.

The app, which is described as “a sommelier in your pocket” is free and available for iPhone and Android phone users. It provides wine recommendations at a user’s chosen price point, and based on personal preferences as well as critic reviews. It will also suggest wines to match whatever you are eating, based on 10,000 wine flavours. 

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