Badger Beer's IPA launch marks debut into 33cl cans

Badger Beer is tapping into demand for both IPAs and 33cl cans with its latest beer launch.

Hall & Woodhouse, which has been brewing Badger Beer in Dorset since 1777, revealed new packaging last month as part of a major £1.25m rebranding project for Badger.

The Wicked Wyvern is the latest to join the Badger stable. The new beer – a West Coast-style IPA – also marks Badger’s debut into 33cl cans.

The newcomer has been brewed with Amarillo, Cascade and Mosaic hops to create “a wonderfully refreshing and well-balanced beer”. The 5% abv beer has a deep bronze colour and a citrus aroma of grapefruit. It has a bitter hop character and a dry hoppy finish.

Sarah Pace, brand manager at Badger Beer, said: “We are delighted to be bringing to market our new IPA-style beer, The Wicked Wyvern, in 33cl cans. This follows our extensive research which identified that IPA is a growing segment in the UK ale market and is also attractive to younger consumers.

“At the same time we identified a gap in the market for a premium characterful crafted beer which is also accessible in terms of taste profile and abv. The Wicked Wyvern responds to this gap in the market and we believe will open up the IPA category to a broader group of consumers who are looking to explore new flavours.”

The Wicked Wyvern refers to the legendary two-legged, bat-winged beast with an arrow-like barb on its tail, which is said to have stalked Dorset for centuries. The beast has adorned the heraldry of local regiments since the kingdom of Wessex.

The beer is available now in 6x33cl cans (rrp: £6) in Tesco stores nationally.