St-Remy reveals new look packaging

St-Remy has revealed a new look designed to echo its brand values for “leadership, quality and craftsmanship”, while also playing homage to its heritage.

The French brandy’s new look includes the ‘walking lion’ symbol, which was recently rediscovered in the St-Remy archives. The symbol aims to demonstrate the St-Remy ethos and its position in the category as “the king of brandy”.

Jean-Denis Voin, ceo Liqueurs & Spirits Division at Remy Cointreau, said: “The new designs in 2018 of the VSOP and XO support the St-Remy strategy to continue to create value within the brandy market. This major design uplift aims to reinforce St-Remy’s quality leadership and shelf standout, and moreover the opportunity to implement a full brand relaunch.

“St-Remy is the leading genuine French brandy, from soil to bottle, and the international gold standard of its category, enjoying presence in the five continents both in home and duty free markets.”

The brand has a history dating back to 1886. Originally from the heart of the French Loire Valley St-Remy has a recipe which continues to be passed from generation to generation, described as “a closely guarded secret” known only yo its master blenders. 

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