Gin subscription club invests in bespoke distillery build

A Hertfordshire-based gin company has revealed plans to open a new distillery, following the success of its subscription gin club.

The team behind the One Time Gin subscription club, which was launched 18 months ago, plans to open the Ware Hous Distillery in the village of Colliers End in north-east Hertfordshire.

A warehouse barn on Dowsetts Farm in the village is already being transformed into a working distillery site.

James Grant set up the One Time Gin subscription club in 2016. The club creates limted edition releases in partnership with UK distilleries, to give its members “something truly unique”.

He said: “Over time, we have become more and more involved in the design of the products. We have learned so much about the process behind creating premium gin; from the distilling, to the recipe creation and packaging design. We have had tonnes of feedback from our tight knit community about what they do and don’t like. The products released from the distillery will be truly community driven.

“The time has come to bring production of our products in house. Creating gin with other distilleries has been a great way to get started. But, nothing compares to the pride of knowing you made the product from start-to-finish yourself.”

The distillery will contain a hand-beaten copper still, which is currently being produced by a family-owned, 90 year-old coppersmithing company in Portugal.

All of the bottles are hand-filled, labelled, wax sealed and wrapped in paper, and this process will continue once the new distillery is open.

The current gins from the company have been available in a select number of shops across Herts, Essex, London and Cambridgeshire.

Grant said: “We have had a great response to our limited releases from all of our retail partners and they are all excited about the prospect of them being crafted closer to home in the near future.”

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