Bacardi launches premium Añejo Cuatro variant

Bacardi Rum has launched a new variant to provide consumers with an accessible entry point into the premium rum sector.

Bacardi Añejo Cuatro has been barrel-aged for a minimum of four years and has flavours of mild vanilla, toasted oak, clove and honey.

The latest rum in Bacardi’s portfolio is designed to “shed light on the premium image” and introduce consumers to a more sophisticated, complex side of rum, while still being a smooth and drinkable product.

Sarah Doyle, vice president – Europe for Bacardi Rum, told DRN: “Overall we see consumers increasingly wanting premium spirits and they won’t give up on quality; they are drinking less but better, and where we see Cuatro is by tapping into the core audience of consumers aged 28 to 44, who are particularly interested in premium options.

“I think we will see more rum producers moving into premium. Rum is having a moment and it’s behind gin and vodka in this respect and I think rum has been a bit misunderstood in the past and people are now realising it is actually the most diverse of spirits.

“Rum has such a diverse flavour portfolio and there are so many different things you can do with rum and it has the perfect mixing profile. With Bacardi we feel we now have a rum for everyone in every flavour profile now that we have added Cuatro.

“The premiumisation of rum has already happened in the on-trade and now it is moving into the off-trade. The on-trade plays a big role in education but now consumers want to drink more at home.

“Retailers have a huge role to play in helping consumers to give them more of an education about rum to show what they can do. In terms of merchandising it’s about helping consumers to understand the difference between the different types of rum and helping to show the what they can do at home.”

Doyle added that the launch will be supported by a signature serve for Cuatro, which is the Highball, blending Bacardi Cuatro with Ginger Ale, Bitters and lime. 

The brand will initially launch in Asda stores, priced at £25 for 70cl.

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