Cognac Frapin unveils Frapin 1270

Cognac Frapin has unveiled a new addition in time for the Spring and Summer months.

Frapin 1270 is described as “a snapshot of the family’s 240ha single estate vineyard”; which is situated at the heart of Cognac’s most exclusive region, Grande Champagne.

The new cognac is distilled over fine less and extended ageing with the whole process being controlled from vineyard to bottle on the Frapin estate by cellar master, Patrice Piveteau.

Frapin 1270 has a long ageing in the ground level humid cellars, which see more evaporation of alcohol than water, resulting in a rounder, fruitier drink. After distillation, the young cognac spends up to six months in ‘new’ oak barrels (0-5 years old), and then is quickly moved to older casks for extended ageing, before the ‘new’ oak is allowed to add too much colour or flavour profile.

The result is a cognac with great roundness and fruitiness, according to the producer, and the company said it is “perfectly suited to spur-of-the-moment aperitifs”, served over ice, or long drinks with tonic or sparkling water.

Cognac Frapin has been owned by the same family for 20 generations, tracing its history back to the year 1270.

Frapin 1270 will retail for £42 per bottle, and it is imported to the UK by Louis Latour Agencies. 

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