Aldi to champion half-bottles of wine

Aldi is to introduce a half-bottle wine range and is bolstering both its rosé offer and its top-tier Exquisite Collection.

The first wines to be introduced in the 37.5cl format are a Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio from Romania and a Malbec from Chile, each priced at £2.99. The wines are all new to Aldi.

Buying director for wine, David Elliott, told DRN: “We thought these might work for people who don’t want to waste wine and who might find the 75cl bottles too big. We trialled a small parcel of half-bottles at Christmas but this is the first addition to the core range. Most retailers go for the quarter-bottle.

“People are buying less but they spend more on what they are buying, so these might offer a more approachable price point. We hope to be able to extend the range in the future.”

Mike James, buying director for wine, highlighted the retailer’s renewed focus on rosé. “Exports of Provence rosé to the UK are up massively and this is clearly what people are looking for,” he said.

In the past rosés were seen as the poor sibling to red, but they can be serious or fun and now customers are seeking them out and people aren’t ashamed to be seen with rosé now.

“We have some from Provence and some in the Provence style. We are asking our Spanish rosé producers to take the colour down and go for this lighter, crisper style.”

Elliott agreed rosé is now a key area for the retailer. “It was an area people switched out of due to Prosecco, but now people are going back into it, so it is definitely an area of refocus for us.”

The rosé collection includes some wines which are core to the range, such as Toro Loco Rosé 2017 (rsp: £3.89), and others that will be introduced seasonally, such as Terres de Brumes IGP Méditerranée Rosé 2017 (rsp: £4.99), which goes into stores from March 20. There will also be some smaller parcels coming in through the year for two to four-week periods, as well as a small 25cl version of Fleur de Prairie Cotes de Provence Rosé 2017, which is £1.99 compared to £7.49 for the 75clbottle.

The retailer has also enlarged its range of Spanish white wines and added to its Exquisite Wines collection.

James said: “It is this collection that sets us apart in that we do work with these great people and we are lucky that they produce some fantastic wines for us.”

New to the range this spring is the Exquisite Collection South Western Australia Sauvignon Blanc 2017 (rsp: £5.99) and a Touraine Rosé 2017 (rsp: 5.99).

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