Foreign Secretary visits Gallo’s UK HQ

Boris Johnson has paid a visit to the UK offices of US wine firm Gallo to find out how Brexit will impact the wine trade.

The visit to Gallo’s offices in Uxbridge, west London, in the Foreign Secretary’s constituency, was organised by the Wine & Spirit Trade Association in the hope that it will help him understand the central role the UK plays in the global wine industry.

Wine from Gallo’s Californian vineyards is sent both in bottles and bulk to the UK. The majority of is sold in the UK and the rest re-exported to Europe and other markets.

WSTA chief executive Miles Beale said:Our message to government is to take the opportunity post-Brexit to enhance trade by removing all unnecessary regulatory barriers and allow goods to flow more freely between the markets.

“It was great to have an opportunity to impress upon the Foreign Secretary how essential it is that when we leave the EU we have agreements in place which maintain existing trade flows.

“Britain needs to hold on to its position as the international hub in the world wine trade to further boost the UK economy and provide more jobs.”

Johnson said:After 25 years in Uxbridge, E&J Gallo is an important part of the community and local employer. I was fascinated to learn of their involvement along the whole supply chain, even owning sand mines to make their own bottles.”