Clamato heads to UK with festive savoury cocktail

Clamato, described as ‘the cult US tomato cocktail juice with a twist’, has released a festive campaign in the UK.

The activity involves sharing new recipes while the company is also working with bartenders on a cocktail competition for the savoury drink. Meanwhile, the Clamato team is also launching a Christmas cocktail suggestion called Mrs Klaus’ Tipple, which blends the drink with Amaretto and fresh lemon.

Clamato is a blend of tomato juice and clam broth, and it is already popular in America, Canada and Mexico. The producer is now ready to inspire British consumers with the drink, which is designed to be drunk as a mixer but it also suitable for those seeking a non-alcoholic option.

Clamato Original, which is available in the UK in a 94.6cl or 47.3cl bottle, is produced by Mott’s in the USA and imported to the UK by Empire Bespoke Foods. 

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