I Heart gains Asda listing after showing strong sales growth

Copestick Murray’s I Heart brand has gained a listing in Asda as it continues to surge up the chart of the UK’s most popular wine labels.

I Heart surged into the UK’s top 20 wine brands and broke the £50 million annual sales barrier on the back of strong listings in convenience and with Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

Back in June, managing director Robin Copestick told DRN he hoped the other multiples would one day stock it and I Heart would continue its upward march.

He said: “The other multiples have been a bit slow to take it up. They keep saying ‘come back to us when it’s a real brand’. We are now in the top 20 without them, so one day I’m convinced they will take it. If one or two do take it we will get into the top 15 and then the top 10 and then everybody will take it.”

Now Asda has been won over as the brand’s Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay variants launched on shelves this week.

 Copestick said: “I Heart Wines is a great brand fit for Asda.  These products will help consumers navigate the wine category more easily and offer great tasting, great value wine for the Asda shopper.”

The supplier added: “The original insight behind I Heart Wines was that the vast majority of consumers find the wine aisle daunting and confusing. Asda recently undertook research supporting this insight and showing that 39% cannot name a single variety of wine. 

“I Heart Wines’ no-nonsense, clean and clear packaging helps alleviate this pressure by clearly signposting the top varietals quickly and effectively to consumers making the purchase decision less complex. Launching two of the nation’s preferred grape varietals, these great wines have already proven to be extremely popular with UK consumers.”

Sales of I Heart are up 22% in the past year (Nielsen, year to October 2017).

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