Freya Woodsmoke extends first birch tree sap spirit brand

Freya, which claims to be the first spirit created from birch tree sap, has a new addition to the range.

The limited edition Freya Woodsmoke has been created by Pure Wild Spirits to build on the original Freya Birch Spirit by adding a smoky infusion of apple, chestnut and birch wood. The infused woods are burnt and the smoke is then infused into Freya to create the Woodsmoke variant, which is described as a “wild, smoky, white birch spirit imbued with the tastes of sacred campfires”.

The drink is packaged in a hand-crafted bottle and has a retail price of £34.

Freya was named after the norse goddess of love and life, a character that is said to be "wild by nature". The spirit is distilled from the sap of the birch, which is harvested once a year in early spring. 

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