Retailers dominate latest customer service poll

Amazon finished top of the pile as retailers completed a clean sweep in a survey designed to find the UK’s top brands for customer service.

John Lewis was second, followed by Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Sainsbury’s in Engine’s fourth annual customer experience awards.

Joe Heapy, co-founder at Engine, a service design consultancy firm, said: “Amazon is taking the customer experience to a whole new level, continually rolling out new business models – be it Prime, Prime Wardrobe, Alexa and Echo, Amazon Fresh or the Dash ordering button – to deliver customers the things they want as quickly as possible.

“Although a much more traditional brand, John Lewis keeps upping its game too, be it instore iPhone apps, a dedicated Smart Home space or a new “experiential” store including a beauty spa, travel agent and community room.”

Hilton, Barclays, Sky, Nationwide and Virgin Media completed the top 10, but retailers held all the top spots.

Overall, however, retail finished third behind restaurants and hotels when the 1,025 respondents to the survey were asked which sectors are best for service.

Retail fell 1.7% compared to last year’s survey in the proportion of people citing it as one of the best sectors for service

Heapy said: “It’s a small but directionally important change as retail generally does a pretty good job of customer service but it needs to be careful about letting standards slip, particularly as people become more demanding due to the improving service they get in other sectors.

“Remember, people aren’t asking the earth. The three things they value most when dealing with a company are honesty, efficiency and reliability – and it’s been these three consistently for the last four years of the study.”

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