Jameson’s Makers Series: on shelves in time for St Patrick’s Day

Jameson Irish Whiskey has launched a premium trio of different expressions in time for St Patrick’s Day.

The Whisky Makes Series is a new range of super-premium Jameson whiskeys, which has been launched to celebrate the people behind Jameson and their craft.

The trio has been created in collaboration with Jameson’s head blender Billy Leighton, head distiller Brian Nation and head cooper, Ger Buckley.

Inspired by different stages of the whiskey-making process, the range aims to enhance consumer education of Irish Whiskey production through the exploration of three key tools, after which the products are named: The Distiller’s Safe, The Cooper’s Croze and The Blender’s Dog.

The Distiller’s Safe celebrates the role of Jameson’s head distiller Nation, and is a “true showcase” of the original copper pot still distillate. The spirit safe allows Nation to fine tune the whiskey’s style at any point during the distillation process, and the resulting whiskey carries distinct sweetness from barley sugar and gentle notes of apricot, cinnamon and melon. It is a smooth, light whiskey with a luminous, zesty finish.

The Cooper’s Croze showcases the role of Jameson’s head cooper. With this expression Buckley explores the influence that maturation in casks has on whiskey. The result is a whiskey matured in virgin American oak barrels, seasoned bourbon barrels and Iberian sherry casks, a combination that delivers vanilla sweetness, rich fruit flavours and a balance of floral and spice notes.

The Blender’s Dog celebrates the role of Jameson head blender, Leighton. With this expression he uses a ‘dog’ to collect whiskey samples from the cases, allowing him to bring together spirit from the extensive range of maturing stock. The whiskey is a balance of spirit, wood and time; a rich rounded whiskey with butterscotch sweetness, spices, tannins and an exceptionally long finish.

Magin Trewhella, head of marketing (dark spirits) at Pernod Ricard UK, said: “The launch of the Whiskey Makers series is an exceptionally exciting move, allowing us to celebrate those that craft the Jameson spirit every day. The three new expressions will interest and inspire whiskey lovers to explore the premium whiskey category further and is the perfect alternative, high-quality offering to enjoy on St Patrick’s Day. We encourage retailers and operators to showcase this premium offering around the St Patrick’s Day occasion to target a wider audience through whiskey connoisseurs.”

The series is priced at £45 per 70cl bottle.

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