Wines of Soave given a profile boost for UK market

The region of Soave in Italy will be given a boost in the UK via a new trade and consumer campaign.

The campaign will be fronted in the UK by Master of Wine, Sarah Abbot, and supported by trade and consumer PR activity.

Abbott said: “Today, Soave makes some of the great white wines of Italy. The region has a nuanced terroir with outstanding quality potential that is fully expressed in the wines. The styles of and stories behind contemporary Soave have a lot to offer the UK wine market.

“Soave has an unsung hero in Garganega, a top Italian variety and the ‘daddy’ of important Italian white grapes. It’s time to take a new look at Soave, including its sparkling and sweet wines.

She added: “Soave is a place of beauty and gastronomy from the Venetian culture, one of the most gracious, long-lived refined and outward-looking cultures in the world. Its terroir of basalt and limestone, volcanic and marine gives winemakers the basis from which to produce some truly outstanding wines.”

A ‘Summer of Soave’ series of press and consumer roadshows will take place in several UK cities during the summer months to introduce the wines to a wider audience, which will also include by the glass promotions and wine flights with key restaurant partners.

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