Gruppo Campari reveals latest Appleton Estate rum

21 February, 2017

Gruppo Campari will launch a limited edition version of its Appleton Estate rum next month to celebrate the master blender’s 20th year of working with the brand.

The Appleton Estate Joy Anniversary Blend is described as an extra special 25 year-old blend and her “greatest triumph” as a rum blender. The limited edition blend includes two rum marques, one of which was laid down the year Joy joined the team and the other is her favourite pot still rum.  

The Joy Anniversary Blend is aged for a minimum of 25 years and includes blends that have been aged up to 35 years.

Master Blender, Joy Spence, said: “For my anniversary blend, I simply set out to create the rum that I’d like to sup while watching the colours of my garden change in the warm glow of the Jamaican sunset. It includes two rum marques which are of particular sentimental significance to me: the first of these was laid down to age in 1981, which is the year I joined the Appleton Estate team, and the second is my favourite marquee of pot still rum. The final blend is a wonderful rum that I hope will become a cornerstone of my legacy.”

Appleton Estate produces Jamaican premium aged rums. This latest blend has a delicate orange peel top note, intertwined with ginger and spice and with a finish of vanilla, butterscotch, coffee and layers of almond and toasted oak.

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