Booths wine team grows own-label sales

02 February, 2017

Booths enjoyed 4.3% sales growth on its own-label wine in December after overhauling the range and championing premium wines and classic regions.

The Booths wine brand features more than 30 wines and the sales growth was from December 1 to December 25, compared to the previous year.

The best performing SKUs were its Chablis (+162%), Rioja Reserva (+147%) and Bordeaux Rouge. (+46).

Wine buyer Victoria Di Muccio said “Booths has been importing wine since 1870, and our Booths brand range reflects this special part of our heritage. The range offers our customers a selection of world-class wines from renowned producers.

“I have worked closely with our suppliers to develop the blends; some longstanding producers of ours, and some new additions.

“Our Booths Chianti is now produced by Alberto Antonini, renowned winemaker and consultant. Our Rioja Crianza and Reserva are produced by the lauded La Rioja Alta S.A. established in 1890 and one of the benchmarks for traditionally produced Rioja. We have already seen an enormous uplift in sales of 147%. ”

The new wine range was accompanied by a label redesign, highlighting Booths’ wine importing heritage. The rebranded 50cl Booths Finest Vintage Port, made by Quinta de la Rosa, was the best performing redesigned product, with sales up 440%.

“Our aim with Booths brand wine range is to offer customers remarkable wine from world-class vineyards, at great value,” said Di Muccio. “We want our wines to over-deliver for our customers, and the Christmas sales increases, particularly at the premium end of the range indicate an improved customer perception of wines. We have ambitious plans to further expand and improve the range further in 2017.”

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