Sud de France formally extends remit to cover bigger region

Sud de France, the umbrella brand for wine, food and tourism products from the South of France, has formally announced its plans to include products from the new bigger region, Occitanie, which was officially created earlier this year.

The region of Occitanie, which combines the Languedoc-Roussillon with the neighbouring region of Midi-Pyranees, was created by the French government in January 2016.

As a result of this, Sud de France’s remit was expanded this summer to incorporate the food, wine, health, well-being and tourism products from the whole of Occitanie.

In wine terms, this means that Sud de France now covers all of the wines from the Languedoc-Roussillon as well as more than 75% of the wines from the South West region, which fall into the Midi-Pyranees.

Isabelle Kanaan, executive director of Sud de France in the UK, told OLN: “The two regions are very complimentary in terms of products and geography, so as well as wine they can offer some great food and seafood, so it all makes sense.

“It is very exciting news. The combined strength of the two regions means that Occitanie is now the largest region in France for wine, agriculture and organic agriculture, with the Sud de France brand providing one easy point of access to it all.”

The announcement coincided with Sud de France’s 10th anniversary event, which celebrated the commercial success of the brand with a wine tasting and celebratory cake by Frances Quinn, 2013 Winner of the Great British Bake Off. Sud de France now represents more than 3,000 companies and regional producers and more than 9,000 products.

“Sud de France has achieved a great deal since its creation in 2006 and it is now widely recognized both in France and internationally,” she said. “This brand has also had a major impact in promoting Sud de France as a tourist destination with over 1,160 establishments now able to use the Sud de France brand on their products or offering.”

“Finally I would like to extend a huge thank you to all the members of the UK wine trade and media who have supported Sud de France over the past ten years and helped to make the brand the success it is today.”

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