Marshmallows merge with gin and vodka in new launch

09 September, 2016

The Naked Marshmallow Co is set to launch a gin and a vodka infused with different flavours of marshmallow.

Both drinks, which come in 50cl bottles, are distilled in traditional copper pot stills by expert artisanal producers, using the company’s premium marshmallows.

“We are the only company in the world, to my knowledge, that does this,” director and founder Joseph Colson told OLN.

The initial products will be a Vanilla Bean Marshmallow Gin and a Salted Caramel Marshmallow Vodka (each with a recommended retail price of £25).

“We have had a great time with re-inventing our marshmallows and one request we always have is for alcohol flavours. We thought it was a great opportunity to reinvent another product. With the growing interest in artisanal food and drink it was a fantastic opportunity to merge the two.

“The inclusion of the marshmallow gives the alcohol a fantastic new taste and we decided to go with Vanilla Bean for the gin to keep it simple and elegant. Then Salted Caramel for the vodka, because….Salted Caramel marshmallow vodka is just amazing.”

The company’s whole range has also been redesigned in new packaging, and the drinks have been designed to match this,

“We’ve had a great response so far from our small sample tests and expect the new range to do very well, giving us our best Christmas yet,” Colson said.

The company isn’t ruling out more flavours or NPD in alcoholic drinks.

“There’s lots that can be done with marshmallows that others still haven’t thought of so keep your eyes peeled. We are always thinking of ways we can diversify and add to the range.”

The company is currently in talks with retailers and the product will also be available in farm shops and delis. The bottles will be available for purchase individually or paired with the company’s mallow bags.

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