Beer Guerilla brings the craft revolution to Northampton

Northampton is the latest town to have a specialist beer shop with the opening of Beer Guerilla.

Husband and wife team Matthew and Cherie Boot are selling packaged beers from local producers, other prominent UK craft beer firms and international producers.

The shop is also serving take-away keg beer through a growler system.

Beer Guerilla is planning a subscription-based Beer Club, offering 12 beers on a monthly basis, and will run tasting evenings.

Matthew Boot said: “This is the first store of its kind in the Northampton area and all the research we’ve done tells us that there is huge potential in the town for the concept.

“The annual Northampton Beer Festival regularly attracts more than 8,000 visitors and we believe there is a great opportunity to establish a real community among the people interested in beer locally.

“Consumers are becoming very discerning not just about the quality of the product itself, but increasingly about the stories and values behind the beer they’re drinking.

“There are great new beers being launched all the time and our aim is to create a hub for quality beer in Northampton and establish a business that the area can be really proud of.”

The start-up was funded by the couple’s own capital, support from Yorkshire Bank and a grant from a Northampton Council redevelopment scheme.

Gregory Hannon, relationship manager for Business Direct at Yorkshire Bank (pictured with the Boots), said: “Matthew and Cherie have researched their business proposition very thoroughly and they have some great ideas for tapping into a sector of the market which has experienced a boom over the past few years and continues to grow in popularity."