Jagermeister unveils new look bottle

21 July, 2016

Jagermeister is unveiling a new look bottle, which it says is the brandís most significant change since it was created by Curt Mast in 1935.

In addition to the new bottle shape, the iconic label has been updated with new artwork, designed to reflect the heritage and quality of the unique herbal spirit.

The redesign is part of Jagermeisterís wider emphasis on educating consumers on the craft and process behind the spirit and will be supported in the UK by a £10m marketing spend throughout 2016.

The new bottle, which extends to the entire Jagermeister original portfolio, will be first seen in the UK from August, as part of a global roll out until 2017.

The re-designed label features a ďmore life-likeĒ stag, which is now back in its natural woodland habitat, with a graduated green background and forest imagery to reflect the brand story. Other enhancements include new wording designed to emphasise the craft and mystery behind the spirit and the addition of a bold Ď56í; the number of botanicals used in the production of Jagermeister.

The elongated and angular-shaped bottle also includes a quality enhanced cap, which now displays the founder Curt Mastís signature and Ďsince 1878í tag. These additions aim to underline the long-standing history of the family-owned brand.

Nicole Goodwin, UK marketing director, said: ďWhile our recipe hasnít changed in more than 80 years, Jagermeisterís usage has and so in turn has our brand positioning. This evolution of the bottle now better reflects what Jagermeister is; a family-owned, premium well-crafted spirit with years of history.

ďThis move marks a milestone for Jagermeister as we continue to engage with an audience who appreciate quality brands with provenance. The new bottle will enhance the work weíre doing with the trade to better communicate Jagermeisterís story, and importantly, drive further awareness of its versatility. The bottle may be changing but the unique flavours behind the spirit will remain the same, ensuring consumerís experience the same quality Jagermeister since Curt Mastís creation of it more than 80 years ago.Ē

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