Asset Wines taps into demand for fuller-bodied rosé wines

14 July, 2016

Asset Wines is the UK distributor for a new style of Provence rosé, which it says is so full-bodied it could “even replace a light red”.

Only 6,000 bottles of Julian Faulkner’s new cuvee, Aurelia, have been produced by Domaine Le Grand Cros, and of this only 600 bottles are available for the UK market.

The wine, which is a fuller-bodied take on the Provence region’s classically light rosé, is predominantly made from Mourvedre, with small amounts of Grenache and Syrah. It is full-bodied with creaminess and acidic tension that is believed to lend it ageing potential, as well as setting it apart from the lighter styles. It is also described as a food-friendly style of wine.

Gilles Corre of Asset Wines, said: “Sales are going really well. Consumers are really starting to understand the complexity of rosé and seek something richer, something that can even replace a light red.”

The wine’s producer, Julian Faulkner, said: “2015 was the ideal vintage for Mourvedre; hence I decided to create this wine. The cuvee will be made according to vintage, so depending on how 2016 turns out maybe we will recreate Aurelia, or perhaps we will create a different cuvee with the varietals that thrive in this vintage.”

The wine is named after Faulkner’s first daughter, born during the Mouvedre harvest. The label design has two thumbprints crossing to form a heart; symbolic of her birth. 

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