The 31 Days of German Riesling promotion returns to UK this month

01 July, 2016

German Riesling will be highlighted in stores across the country this month as part of a nationwide promotion for the "King of German grapes".

As part of the 31 Days of Riesling promotion, which runs throughout July, more than 200 restaurants, bars and retailers across the country will dedicate the month to German Riesling wine. Activity will range from gigantic wine murals and hog roast festivals to Riesling-infused dishes.

The promotion forms part of the wider Wines of Germany summer campaign. This year, Waitrose has signed up to be the national partner of the promotion, and the retailer will be running tasting sessions in 50 stores nationwide.

Last year, the "German Riesling Retailer of the Year" award went to Luvians Bottle Shop in St Andrews for its creative Game of Thrones-themed campaign.

This year, the most successful performing retailer and restaurant will each wine £1,000 towards new German wine listings with the runner up in each category receiving £500 towards new German wine listings.

A website dedicated to the promotion ( will list participating retailers and restaurants and it also offers the chance for consumers to enter a competition to win a trip to Germany.
UK wine drinkers can also find out about what events are taking place during the month of July at

Managing director of Wines of Germany UK, Nicky Forrest, said: "We already have more than 200 restaurants and retailers participating in this year's 31 Days of German Riesling - so it's set to be our biggest year yet. We are excited for another great summer of Riesling with sign-ups from top London restaurants and with Waitrose as our national partner. It is a lot of fun for consumers, and fantastic to see everyone getting so excited about Riesling."

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