BrewDog maps out plans for spirits arm

01 April, 2016

BrewDog is close to officially launching its spirits project, named the Lone Wolf Distillery.

The facility, which features hand-made copper stills, will be the only craft distillery in Scotland to make its base spirit from grain, under one roof.

“This is hugely important to us and it starts with BrewDog vodka,” the company explained. “We have removed a section of our brewhouse roof and installed a colossal 19m high 60-plate rectification column, to get the purest, cleanest spirit possible. This will then form the basis of our vodka and gins, and where others buy in neutral spirit in bulk, we still distill everything from scratch.”

BrewDog’s head of distillation, Steven Kersley, is currently working on a gin recipe, trialling more than 30 botanicals “until the blend and ratios are perfect”.

BrewDog notes that with its pilot still it can produce “a huge range of potential spirits” and it has a large barrel store to allow it to age and then blend the results.

“We want to stretch the boundaries of what a distillery can do, and what a distillery should do. Starting with our own all-grain vodka, through our bespoke gins and whiskies and a range of other spirits besides – we can’t wait to make this natural progression for BrewDog and make as big an impact on the spirits industry as we did on the beer industry.”

The company hopes to be producing its first batches of BrewDog spirit this month (April). It will also launch the Lone Wolf Founders Club to offer members perks such as exclusive single-cask whiskies, which won’t be available to anyone else. Members will also be offered the chance to design, distil and bottle unique gins and age Lone Wolf whiskies. 

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