Pimm's No. 6 Vodka Cup will return to shelves in May

21 April, 2015

Pimmís No. 6 vodka cup will be back on shelves next month after a successful consumer campaign to reinstate the popular variant.

Shoppers apparently ďfloodedĒ the Diageo team with calls to bring back the sixth variant of Pimmís, which launched in 1964 but was delisted last year.

Joanna Segesser, senior brand manager at Pimmís, said: ďWe have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for Pimmís No.6 Vodka Cup and we are delighted to have been able to listen to the British publicís request to bring back the product in time for summer. We want to thank everyone who campaigned for Vodka Cupís return.Ē

The original Pimmís, launched in 1840 by James Pimm, is gin-based. In 1851 Scotch-based Pimmís No. 2 Cup and brandy-based Pimmís No.3 Cup were launched, followed by No.4 Cup (rum) in 1935 and then No. 5 Cup (rye) and the vodka-based No.6 Cup in 1964.

They are all blended with a secret recipe known to only a handful of people. Following the reinstatement of Pimmís No.6 Cup, only that and Pimmís No.1 Cup and now available. But Diageo is trying to recreate the innovative approach of James Pimm and his love of pushing the brand in new directions with different cups by launching a host of spin-offs.

Andrew Cowan, country director for Diageo Great Britain, said: ďWe want this to be the year for Pimmís. Itís an amazing, iconic summer drink. When Pimmís is out, you know itís summer.

ďWe have launched Pimmís Elderflower & Blackberry, Pimmís Strawberry, Pimmís- infused cider and Pimmís Summer Crush frozen pouch. These innovations are really helping the UK business grow and that is not something we could say during the recession.Ē

Pimmís No.6 Vodka Cup will be available to on and off trade customers via Justerini & Brooks and nationally available to consumers via Diageoís Alexander and James site.

Chadwick Delaney, managing director at Justerini & Brooks, said: ďWe are used to our customers clamouring for allocations of Burgundy and Bordeaux, but it came to something last year when the cries went up as stocks of Pimm's No.6 Vodka Cup dwindled to the last few cases. They certainly made their voices heard, and we are thrilled to announce both its revival and our appointment as exclusive UK distributors to the on and off trade.Ē

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