Hogs Back craft lagers gain listings at supermarkets

12 March, 2015

Hogs Back Brewery has won listings for Montezuma’s chocolate lager and Hogstar craft lager Tesco and Booths.

The brewery describes Montezuma’s as the first “authentic” chocolate lager on the market and it won a gold medal at the last International Beer Challenge.

It is made using the natural essence of Montezuma’s Lordy Lord dark chocolate and hits shelves in time for the Easter trading period.

Rupert Thompson, Hogs Back Brewery owner, says, “It has generated huge interest among both beer aficionados and mainstream drinkers since its launch.   

“People drink with their eyes as well as their taste buds, and so expect a chocolate beer to be dark. Chocolate flavour in a light, golden lager breaks all the rules, but Montezuma’s is building a strong following, and as an Easter present for a dad or uncle, we think a bottle or two will definitely appeal more than a chocolate egg.”                  

Thompson added: “Our lagers were gold and silver medal winners at the 2014 International Beer Challenge, and as interest in craft lager booms, these new listings bring both Montezuma’s and Hogstar to a wider range of consumers.

“As with Hogs Back Brewery ales including our flagship brand TEA, our lagers combine high quality, local ingredients with brewing expertise, to create memorable, distinctive beers. Hogstar is matured longer for greater depth of flavour, and Montezuma’s follows the same craft principles, being matured for six weeks.” 

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