Louis Jadot sees cure to Burgundy's woes

16 January, 2015

Retailers can put their faith in leading brands to help see Burgundy through a tough period of short harvests and dwindling UK sales, according to a top agency.

Hatch Mansfield said sales of Louis Jadot have grown in both value and volume in the UK during the past year, while exports to the UK have dropped 52% (BIVB).

Hatch Mansfield’s marketing manager Lynn Murray told OLN: “Burgundy is having a really challenging time due to two very short vintages. The region is short of wine and there have been a lot of significant price increases. But Jadot is a very a strong brand and it’s able to batten down the hatches. It can see itself through the tough times.

“Even though prices have gone up there is still a very strong consumer demand. We have actually gained both value and volume in the UK.

“We have been filling in gaps in national accounts and it’s a very strong brand in the independents.

“Burgundy is a very, very complicated area. You have lots of labels. You could buy two wines from the same place and they are completely different qualities. A reliable name like Jadot helps.” 

She added: “Over the years the Old World countries like France have lost market share but there is a bit of a resurgence going on for the old world. People want lighter, elegant, more food-friendly wine styles and the Old World can give you that.”

Louis Jadot wants to push the 17 wines it makes in Beaune in the UK.

Boss Pierre-Henry Gagey said: “I’m convinced that the wines of Beaune are the very best quality for value for money in Burgundy. I’m not saying that the wines of Beaune are the best in the Côte de Nuit, but when my friends ask me what to buy I say Beaune. The quality is very good.”

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