Marston's and Tesco launch Help for Heroes beer

28 October, 2014

Marston’s and Tesco have teamed up to launch a beer created by injured veterans that will raise funds for military charity Help for Heroes.

Tesco beer buyer Chiara Nesbitt met the charity’s co-founder, Bryn Parry, at an event in 2013 and she promised to get a fundraising beer on the supermarket’s shelves within a year.

Ex-servicemen Pete Dunning, Daniel Whittingham and Simon Brown, all ambassadors for the charity, were brought in to create a beer to their tastes.

They went to the Marston’s brewery in Burton in July to work with the firm’s innovation brewer Genevieve Upton, and they fashioned a 4.2% abv blonde ale.

Brown said: “Mr Brown said: "We wanted a modern tasting ale and we all had a definite idea of how we wanted the beer to taste. Genevieve was brilliant in capturing that for us.

“We hope members of the public, when they are doing their weekly shop, will think about the wounded and pop a couple of bottles into their shopping basket.”

It is going on sale in 250 Tesco stores, priced at £1.97, with 5p of every sale going to the charity as it supports the rehabilitation of injured soldiers.

Nesbitt explains: “When I heard that Bryn was struggling to get a fundraising beer off the ground I was amazed. After he told me the type of ale Help for Heroes was looking to create I promised him that the beer would be sitting on Tesco shelves within a year.

“Help for Heroes beer has a very modern, zesty taste and is aimed at the growing number of younger drinkers who are switching from lager to ale.

“Blonde beer has become really popular in the last few years as a result of that trend and as Marston’s have recently created similar brews we knew they would be perfect to help.

“We are putting the beer on sales in 250 stores and really hope that shoppers get behind it as Help for Heroes is such a worthy cause.”

The beer comes emblazoned with the slogan: “Created by Heroes; Brewed by Marston’s; Enjoyed by Everyone.” 

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