"2014 could be best Bordeaux vintage since 2010"

14 October, 2014

The 2014 Bordeaux vintage should be “as good as, if not better than 2006”, according to a leading producer.

Producers are currently harvesting and Maison Sichel’s export director Charles Sichel said the Bordelais are currently all smiles.

He believes the 2014 vintage will good but not “extraordinary” and that 2006 is a comparable vintage.

That would make it of a higher quality than the past three vintages, according to overall vintage rankings from the likes of Robert Parker, Berry Bros and Winecellarinsider.com, although unable to match the lauded 2009 and 2010 vintages.

He told OLN: “2014 is almost in and we have had a great run on the Merlot and on the white, and the Cabernets are underway and Petit Verdot will be underway shortly.

“Bar a few showers at the weekend – which were moving north and not too serious – and a bit of rain yesterday, the week is looking dry and warm.

“I think people will generally be happy with the 2014.

“It’s not going to be an extraordinary vintage but it will be a good vintage. It is resting on the Cabernets but I would say it would certainly be to the level of 2006 and maybe a bit better.

“Yields are good as well so there is plenty of material to choose from to make some very nice wines with good availability – not the micro-cuvees which was the case last year and the year before and made en primeur difficult to make much sense for anyone, hence the smallest campaign for many years for us in 2013, and that was echoed by most of my negotiants friends.

“When looking at the 2014, the weather has been very good, with a nice pattern throughout August and September and the Merlots came in ripe and healthy.”

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