Societal shifts prompt booze crime falls – poll

01 September, 2014

Better town centre management and societal intolerance of antisocial behaviour are the main reasons behind falls in alcohol-related crime, according to a poll by You Gov.

The Portman Group welcomed the poll findings and said they showed the need for local partnerships to tackle crime.

Forty per cent of those polled said better town centre management had contributed to falls in drink-related crime, with 38% pointing to less tolerance of antisocial behaviour and 31% more effective partnerships between the police, local authorities, communities and businesses.

More than half praised the police for tackling alcohol-related crime, with 45% citing on-trade outlets as significant contributors and 36% naming local authorities.

The latest Office for National Statistics Crime Survey for England showed that violent crime linked to alcohol had fallen by almost a third since 2004 and dropped 47% since 1995.

Portman Group chief executive Henry Ashworth said: “This research confirms what those on the front line in combating alcohol harms have believed for years, that local partnerships are key to tackling crime and antisocial behaviour.

“A steady decline in binge-drinking in the last decade – alongside society becoming less tolerant of antisocial behaviour, better town centre management and partnership working between police, councils and licensed premises – is creating safer and more vibrant town centres which is great news for local economies.

“It is in all our interests to continue to invest in partnerships and support these positive cultural shifts.”

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