Ex-Heineken director launches 2% abv fruity beer

10 July, 2014

A former Heineken director has set up his own drinks company and launched a beer blended with fruit and botanicals.

John Hunt, who was Heineken’s executive director of global strategy, has set up the Greyhound Drinks Company in Edinburgh and is set to launch Dunesurfer Original Desert Beer this weekend.

The 2% abv bottled brew is blended with acai and goji berries, yuzu fruit, botanicals and minerals and takes its inspiration from desert beers flavoured with wild barleys, fruits and berries.

Hunt said:“In most European markets global drinks companies are facing a long-term trend in falling volumes, especially in established mainstream brands. Growth is being driven by innovation but is often retro and evermore inward-looking – reinforcing the boundaries of existing categories such as premium, flavoured, less alcohol, low gluten. 

“With Dunesurfer I wanted to create a ‘new-wave’ beer, an innovative beer with attitude, a genuine cross-over adult drink that can break free of narrow drinks categories and appeal to existing beer drinkers and new consumers who don’t like the taste of normal beer or just find it boring.”

The launch is being backed by appearances at sporting and music festivals across the UK in August and September, but Hunt is also hoping to export it in the future.

More variants and packaging formats are planned.

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