Lambrini ad banned

01 May, 2014

The ASA has banned a Lambrini ad for promoting the message that alcohol is key to social success.

The watchdog received three complaints over the ad, which took the theme of “big night in” and featured glamorous women arriving at a house in limos clutching Lambrini ahead of a night of drinking and laughing on the sofa.

Complainants said it implied the success of a social occasion depended on the consumption of alcohol.

The ASA agreed and banned the ad.

It said: “We considered that the ad gave the impression that a significant amount of Lambrini was being consumed during the course of the evening by those attending the party.  

“We also noted that the voice-over stated, ‘Make it a Lambrini Big Night In’ and the on-screen text stated ‘ … #BigNightIn’ and considered that the slogan further suggested that Lambrini was a central part of the success of the evening.  

“Because we considered the slogan ‘Big Night In’ and the repeated inclusion of the product gave the impression that the alcohol was a key component of the success of the party, we concluded that the ad was irresponsible.”

Lorna Tweed, brand manager for Lambrini at Halewood International, said that the company amend the ad and bring it back in the near future.  

She said: "Naturally we are disappointed with the ASA’s ruling As a company, we work hard to ensure that responsible drinking is promoted across all of our brands.

"As well as working within the spirit of the code at all times we have worked hard to create innovative solutions to promote responsible drinking to a wider audience. Lambrini recently launched its free ‘Bodyguard App’ to help people remain safe and drink responsibly during nights out which was well received by consumers and the industry.”

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