Thatchers lands Down Under

31 January, 2014

Somerset cider brand Thatchers has landed Down Under after signing a contract with Australian brewery Coopers to distribute Thatchers Gold to the on- and off-trades.

Coopers was established by Yorkshireman Thomas Cooper in 1862 and is the last big Australian brewery to remain independent.  

Martin Thatcher, managing director of Thatchers, said: “There are so many synergies between ourselves and Coopers, this has always been a partnership just waiting to happen.

“Coopers have been looking for some time for the cider partner they felt best matched their own ethos.  

“Likewise we feel assured that Thatchers Gold, a cider we feel passionate about, is in very safe hands.

“Our two companies both go back over generations, there is a cultural fit between us with similar values of family heritage, and we are both firmly committed to care for our customers and crafting the highest quality and best tasting drinks.”

 Under the arrangement, tankers of Thatchers Gold draught cider will be shipped to Coopers’ brewery from Thatchers’ mill at Myrtle Farm in Sandford, Somerset.

The cider will then be kegged by Coopers and distributed to hotels, clubs and bars around Australia. Coopers’ distribution company, Premium Beverages will distribute Thatchers packaged cider.

Thatcher added:  “With the reputation of crafted English cider spreading overseas, we are really optimistic about the prospect of Gold being enjoyed by our friends in Australia.

“Cider is experiencing strong growth in Australia, and is being adopted particularly by a new generation of drinkers who are looking for authentic ciders, with heritage, from the UK . In particular they are searching out quality, craft ciders, such as Thatchers, that have an established reputation for great taste and character.”

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