Italy approves screwcaps for DOC wines

24 October, 2013

Italian DOC and DOCG wines can now be closed with screwcaps or synthetic corks after the country’s government caved in to pressure from the trade. 

A ministerial decree said the wines can use whatever closure they wish to, as long as the local governing body, or consorzio, has amended its own regulations.

Liberty Wines has welcomed the news.

Managing director David Gleave MW said: “This latest amendment is welcome news for those of us who have been fighting this battle for many years. All we’re asking is that the choice of closure is left to the producer. Over 70% of the wines we sell are closed under screwcap, but only 56% of our Italian wines. We know many consorzi realise that consumers are demanding different closures to avoid the risk of  corked wines, and this amendment will aid their efforts.   

“We believe that where the consorzi respond to this change, they will see increased sales. Screwcaps are found to be reliable and easy to use by consumers and trade alike. For example, the Cantina di Monteforte Soave Classico ‘Terre di Monteforte’ DOC was closed with a screwcap for the first time in 2012 and we have seen a 24% increase in like for like sales compared to the previous vintage,” Gleave added.

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