Budvar brings new beer to UK market

19 July, 2013

Budvar brewery is launching a 3.8% abv beer to join its flagship brand in the UK. Pardal is brewed at the same facility as Budvar but has a lower price point and will debut at Morrisons in the autumn.

The retailer will stock the beer for a limited period across the majority of its stores, and Budvar said it has high hopes for Pardal in the UK market.

Morrisons buyer John Gunton said: “I am buying a set volume and we will see how it performs during a promotional period of time.

“We regularly operate a special purchase promotional plan across bottled beers in order to create interest and excitement across the category.”

Budvar said it had high hopes for Pardal – which commands a cheaper price point than the 5% abv Budvar original – to make a splash in the UK.

It said it would target the on-trade in the hope of seeing it on draught and added that there is the potential for an off-trade rollout.

Pardal was launched in the Czech Republic in 2008 after more than 300 consumers took part in three rounds of controlled tastings.

It is brewed using Saaz hops and Moravian malt, is darker in colour and has a more bitter flavour than Budvar and appears in 50cl bottles.

Budvar recently opened a canning line at its brewery in Ceské Budejovice and it said this has allowed it to ramp up the amount of Budvar cans it exports to the UK because it is more economical than shipping vats over to Thwaites in the UK and having the beer canned there.

It previously only offered 50cl cans to UK consumers but now the factory is able to turn around 44cl and 33cl packs, which are available to the UK off-trade.

UK marketing manager Ian Moss sees huge potential for 33cl cans in the off-trade after they have grown in popularity in the on-trade, fuelled by the American craft beer revolution.

He said: “The only 33cl can that has really taken off in the off-trade is Heineken, which looks like a mini-keg, and there is room for more.

“We feel that we can sell six-packs of 33cl cans at a certain price and consumers will not look at what it’s costing them per ml, but think that they are getting six cans at what is perceived to be a good price.

“Recycling is easier and they are lighter and easier to handle.”

Moss added that Budvar was considering introducing price-marked packs on its products to prevent duty fraud after conversations with wholesalers.

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