Hooch revival continues with new flavours

11 July, 2013

Global Brands has brought Hooch Orange and Hooch Blackcurrant back to the market after a 10-year absence.

The distributor signed a licensing agreement with Molson Coors last year to distribute Hooch and backed the relaunch of Hooch Lemon with a marketing campaign that saw the slogan “Look hoo’s back” appear at England football matches. 

Global Brands said its ex-factory data shows the Lemon variant is growing 38% month-on-month, and it decided to relaunch further variants.

A social media campaign asked fans what flavours should join Lemon on shelves and Orange and Blackcurrant won.

Global Brands said the three variants were selling a combined two million bottles per week at their peak and marketing director Simon Green said: “Hooch Lemon is proof that great tasting brands with a sweeter edge can rejuvenate the category by appealing to the 21st Century consumer in a credible way.

“Hooch is experiencing average month on month growth of +38%, and the response from consumers has been unprecedented.

“The over 35s who remember Hooch from the first time around have welcomed the brand back, but we’ve also seen Hooch Lemon have incredible appeal amongst a new generation of drinkers who recognise the 500ml over ice serve and favour a refreshing, fruity taste profile.

“Flavours are driving interest across the drinks categories, from cider to beer and by bringing back the public’s preferred flavours we will broaden the overall appeal and awareness of Hooch whilst investing in RTDs, a category in which we lead the market.”

As with the Lemon variant, Hooch Orange and Hooch Blackcurrant are available in 50cl bottles and are designed to be served over ice in a pint glass.

A multi-million pound media ad campaign is planned to relaunch the new flavours. 

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