Selfridges expands wine store and overhauls range

Selfridges promises its customers “an Aladdin’s cave of new, boutique, exclusive one-off products and gifts” after opening a new wine store.

Buyer Dawn Davies has increased SKUs by 100, with at least another 100 to come, along with an overhaul of the current range.

The new lower ground floor store is 33% bigger and features 900 still wines – including 330 fine wines above £60 – as well as 300 Champagnes and 200 beers.

It has three Enomatic machines, giving consumers the opportunity to taste a selection of its finest wines and sprits.

Davies told OLN: “We had pushed the old space as far as we could and it is wonderful to have the opportunity to grow the range and take it to the next level. Increasing the space by a third allows us room to become much more comprehensive in our range.

“We have expanded whisky, gin is looking strong for us right now – especially London-based micro-distilleries – and we have just re-ranged and expanded Australia, South Africa and the US.

“We have brought in four Virginian wines, which are incredible and a surprise for such an unknown wine producing region. We are also looking at new and emerging wine regions such as China and Turkey.

“In the spirits department we have taken on three baijius, launched Don Julio 1942 and a Crystal Head vodka Rolling Stones pack. There are some very cool things coming down the road from a lot of the brands.”

When asked if it was hard work sourcing the beers, wines and spirits from across the globe, she said: “Tasting is never hard and most of the time a pleasure. What is hard is the sourcing and keeping up-to-date with what is the next big thing, working with brands to create bespoke gifting and really keeping the range fresh.

“We work with over 100 suppliers so I look for ones who listen, react quickly and are willing to support us with tastings, training and new products.”

Davies added: “We look at what our customers want, as well as trends in the overall market. For example, we know our customers love gifting so it is important to have an area dedicated to gifts. We also know that exclusives and limited editions like the Crystal Head vodka will excite our customers, as well as paying due to the fine wine connoisseurs with our extensive range of fine wines.

“We have something for everyone, with wines from £7.99 up to Cognacs at £18,000.”

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