Argentinian wine goes from zero to hero with Naked Wines

Naked Wines pre-sold more than £25,000-worth of a previously unknown wine in just 48 hours in the latest leg of its Zero to Hero Wine Awards.

The Taymente Malbec 2010, which was selected by a panel of 30 Naked Wines’ customers from a room of 45 wines.

It was launched 24 hours after the event on their MarketPlace platform, where customers can pre-order wine for future delivery.

The wine is priced at £9.75 per bottle and will be arriving in the UK in January next year.

Rowan Gormley, founder of the online wine retailer, said: “There are many other competitions out there that take months to conclude, declare winners of wines that are hard to find and generally alienate your average UK wine drinker.

“We on the other hand ask real people to judge the wines, get the winner their £50,000 cheque immediately and get on with selling the wines.

“Our customers and the wine-makers love the simplicity of it.”

Andrew Maidment, director of Wines of Argentina, which supported the event, added: “Zero to Hero offers an exciting route to market for wineries who might otherwise struggle to gain widespread distribution in the UK.

“We’ve run some hugely successfully consumer-powered tastings with Naked Wines in the past - and this one is no exception. I’m delighted for Huarpe Wines.”

The competition, which is free for winemakers to enter and based on the quality of the wine, will end in a grand finale, where six shortlisted winners, including the Taymente Malbec 2010, will battle it out for a $500K investment contract with Naked Wines. 

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