New low alcohol wines from Blossom Hill

Blossom Hill has launched a new 5.5% wine in a bid to tap into the growing market for reduced alcohol wines.

The category has grown by 26% in volume and 39% in value over the past year and Blossom Hill is the latest big brand to try to exploit its potential for growth.

The UK’s bestselling wine brand believes the category has been hampered by a “poor taste perception” but it believes its new drink, Blossom Hill Vie, can overcome this barrier.

The new product is available in white, which features hints of citrus and pear, and rosé, which contains peach and floral aromas.

Brand owner Percy Fox & Co is confident the drink delivers “an elegant, balanced finish, with a light and fruity taste”.

Marketing manager Liz Ashdown said: “Consumers are looking for something that tastes great for those low-key occasions such as mid-week, lunchtime or early evening, when they want to reduce their alcohol intake, whilst maintaining the sociability and enjoyment of the wine-drinking occasion.

“Our new innovation helps meet these requirements, offering consumers a product that fits in with their busy lifestyles and daily responsibilities.”

Blossom Hill Vie also takes advantage of the UK tax excise system that provides a pricing incentive to producers of wines that have a 5.5% alcohol level or below.

The new drink is part of the brand’s £2 million marketing campaign, which features the strapline, “Tastefully done”. 

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