UK drinkers want traditional labels

17 May, 2011

UK wine drinkers think traditional wine labels with pictures of vineyards and chateauxáand a font with lots of flourishes are most attractive - but areámore likely to buy wines with much simpler labels, Wine Intelligence has revealed.

Research comparing the label preferences of regular wine drinkers in theáUK and US found that both preferred the traditional vineyard and chateau image on labels.

"This sort of label is perceived as classy, expensive and French, and reinforces the perception of what wine is supposed to be," said Wine Intelligence's Marina Ferfolja. "Its traditional choice cues helped consumers to understand what to expect from a wine."

But when asked which wines they would be most likely to buy, UK wine drinkers chose a much more classic label, with clear text on a white background - in a similar style to Jacob's Creek.

Wine Intelligence chief executive Lulie Halstead said: "There was not always a direct correlation between attractiveness and likelihood to buy - there is a slight difference between attractiveness and purchase intent."

The research found that while US consumers broadly prefer similar designs to Brits, they are attracted by a broader spectrum of styles.

"I think it's a matter of exposure - we have a younger introduction to the category and are exposed to a whole variety [of designs] at the outset, as opposed to coming into the category with preconceptions about what a bottle of wine should look like," explained Erica Donoho, of Wine Intelligence in the US.

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