Report calls for removal of white ciders

Superstrength white cider should be withdrawn from the market because of the harm it causes to homeless people and other vulnerable groups, according to a new report.

White Ciders and Street Drinkers was commissioned by Alcohol Concern and backed by two homelessness organisations, St Mungo’s and Thames Reach.

The report calls on the government

  • To considerably increase tax on ciders above 5%
  • To link cider duty rates to beer duty rates, especially super-strength lagers, and to look at minimum pricing
  • To allow local authorities to ban the sale of superstrength drinks in their locality
  • To restrict bottle sizes to one litre.

Tony Goodall, author of the report, said: “This research has allowed me to see some of the devastation that is caused by white cider, but also to understand that it is not easy to solve the problem.

“All three main political parties and some parts of the alcohol industry have shown a real desire to do something about it. I hope our recommendations will provide the tools they need to ensure that future lives do not have to be bighted by this drink.”

Don Shenker, Chief Executive of Alcohol Concern, said: “This Government has shown its desire to tackle cheap alcohol and the social and health problems associated with it. However it needs to go much further to address the sale of white ciders which are predominantly used by street drinkers and young people as a fast way to get drunk. If the drinks industry cannot get its own house in order, then government should step in and tax white ciders out of the market.”

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