Glenfiddich rolls out the barrel

Glenfiddich is bolstering its position as the UK’s top single malt with a revamped pack design and heavyweight marketing campaign.

A series of three TV ads will screen on channel 4, More 4 and Film 4 starting from Nov 19, and press ads will run in magazines such as Arena, Vanity Fair, Eve and Red. The ads will feature various slogans such as “a day is a tourist, a year is a traveller” in a bid to emphasise the brand’s key message of Every Year Counts.

The distillery has teamed up with GQ magazine to create a bursary worth £5,000 for consumers to fulfil their lifelong ambition, and it is also running a series of art exhibitions where famous artists are invited to paint what a particular year means to them on a whisky barrel.

Glenfiddich’s pack design has been modified to place a greater emphasis on the age of the whisky, according to group brand manager Scott Hill, who said that “heather and weather” imagery fails to demystify the category. “People understand age and it’s a simple message that consumers can take away,” Hill said.

New gift packaging featuring a triangular tube to match the bottle and an updated label will be rolled out in November.

To boost consumption outside of Christmas the distillery has created the Glenfiddich Quartet. For £160, online subscribers can receive a bottle of different aged single malt at four points throughout the year. Glenfiddich will also host tutored tastings called Taste the Future, which “uses all your sense and brings the brand alive in a way that’s not stuffy”, according to Hill.

The latest in the Glenfiddich single cask Vintage Reserve series has been unveiled. A total of 550 bottles of the 1976 Sherry barrel single malt have been released, with only 33 bottles available in the UK, with a price tag of £299.