Revamp for Asda wines

05 October, 2007

Asda has boosted its Extra Special wine range by 30 per cent, with 33 wines now


its premium own-label.

Light, sparkling and dessert wines are all included in the range, which has been repackaged with subtle Asda branding, taste indicators and the signature of head wine buyer Philippa Carr MW. Most are priced at less than £10.

Carr said: "We'll change the range every three months but some may stay in if they're working very well. It's exposing people to as many different products as possible that are £5 and up.

"We're not talking about massive ranges and giving people loads and loads of products. We're saying 'trust us and we'll come up with products that are appropriate for the season'."

She added: "Over the past 10 months we have looked at and tasted every Asda brand and Extra Special line and re-sourced and relabelled every single product. We've been doing Extra Special for a while now but we've repositioned it as it was kind of 'out there'. The products were great but too big a step from the Asda brand. For example, we had Extra Special white Châteauneuf-du-Pape. That's very niche. Now our Extra Special is the red Châteauneuf-du-Pape. That makes more sense."

Carr said the trend toward lower-alcohol wines was working in favour of European wine. "I'm encouraging suppliers to come up with wines that don't have 15 per cent alcohol. It isn't necessary."

Initiative to get drinkers to try something new

Fifteen wines will take part in Asda's Tasters promotion, offering consumers a discounted 75cl bottle of wine if they try a 25cl bottle first. The initiative will see a range of wines - including red, white, rosé and sparkling - available in the taster bottles.

If customers decide they like the wine, they will be able to return to the store to pick up a full-sized bottle, paying the bottle price minus the cost of the mini bottle. If the wine isn't to their taste they


get a refund. Participating brands include Campo Viejo, Stowells and Jacobs Creek as well as a number of Asda's Extra Special wines. Tasters will be a rolling programme, with wines changing every few months to reflect the seasons.

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