New cidermaker chief puts emphasis on distribution

19 October, 2007

The new chair of the National Association of Cider Makers plans to focus on getting more regional distribution deals for smaller producers and cutting carbon footprints.

Fenella Tyler, head of cider communications at Scottish & Newcastle UK's Bulmers cider plant in Hereford, has started a two-year stint fronting the body, taking over from Westons managing director Helen Thomas. She is only the second woman to serve as NACM chair.

"I will be focusing on the need for regional distribution as well as national distribution so that smaller cidermakers can be truly represented in their own area," she said.

"And we will really be focusing on sustainability and looking at things like carbon footprints and climate change."

Cider with food, new occasions for drinking cider and raising the profile of orchards are also on Tyler's agenda.

"The cider industry has grown fabulously for the past couple of years. We have to promote growth responsibly so that we can see cidermakers continuing to flourish and see further growth for cider," she said. "We want to broaden the range of consumers."

Tyler has worked for Bulmers for 22 years and told OLN her favourite cider is Strongbow.

"When you're out on the road Strongbow is the one brand that is pretty much available everywhere. I've been enjoying it for the past 22 years and I expect to carry on enjoying it for quite a few more," she said.

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