19 October, 2007

Broaden your world taste experience

Cash in on the rising demand for genuine imported beer from around the world with leading Bulgarian beer Zagorka.

"Travel is so affordable now that millions of people can travel to Europe just for a weekend and the more that people travel, the more they crave great taste experiences when they come home to the UK," says Justin Horsman, co-owner of beer-importing business Fullback Imports.

"Zagorka truly is a great-tasting beer with a long-standing heritage, as well as already having good awareness with the millions of consumers who visit Bulgaria for skiing holidays and short breaks," Horsman adds.

Brewed in Stara Zagora since 1902, the official founder of the Zagorka brewery was Doctor Kozuharov who graduated from the Prague Medical School. Having tasted and enjoyed the Czech brews during his studies, Kozuharov managed to use his passion for beer to convince some prestigious friends that a brewery must be built.

Zagorka is described as having "a good pilsner bouquet, great hop flavour and a full-bodied, even finish". It has already won its first UK listing in Parfetts cash and carry.

OLN has teamed up with Fullback Imports to offer three readers each a case of 20x50cl bottles of Zagorka.

For your chance to win, just answer this question correctly:

Where did the founder of the Zagorka Brewery study?

Send your answer, with your name, address and telephone number, by Nov 2 to: OLN/Zagorka competition, c/o Justin Horsman, Fullback Ltd., 10 Green Lane, Selby, North Yorkshire, YO8 9AW

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