Pub chain says Stuff the Supermarkets

02 November, 2007

A pub chain is hoping to attract more punters through its doors by giving away bottled beer to customers buying pints.

The Head of Steam, which has five

pubs in Newcastle, Huddersfield

and Liverpool, has called its promotion Stuff the Supermarkets. Thirteen real ales, two lagers and Weston's cider are included.

Customers who buy six pints of any of Thwaites' ales get two bottles from the range free, while those who drink eight pints brewed by the Hadrian & Border Brewery get one pint of Gladiator ale free, and seven pints of draught Budweiser Budvar gets one 50cl bottle free.

"We are fiercely against cheap alcohol sales, whether off-sales or on-sales. This marketing strategy could be a lever to stop supermarkets selling alcohol so cheaply," the Head of Steam said in a statement.

The chain said it hoped punters would accumulate enough credits to satisfy all their Christmas beer requirements, so they did not have to shop at supermarkets.

"We see this whole affair as a battle, with those brewers , the supermarkets

and the big off-licence chains

as the 'baddies' and the independent brewing sector and the on-trade as the 'goodies'.

"At present, they are winning, but our new strategy could turn the tide," the Head of Steam said.

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