Cider body launches forum to protect image

02 November, 2007

Consumers and cider makers are being urged to report damaging promotions that could harm the drink's image.

The National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) has moved to protect cider's reputation by creating a forum to resolve issues that could damage the drink's image .

From now on, if a member of NACM or a member of the public sees an advertisement or promotion they feel could hurt cider's reputation, they can report it to the body's marketing and communications committee, which will decide whether to pursue the matter and how.

Complaints could cover retailers' ­activities as well as producers' ads and promotions.

A NACM spokesman said: "Ultimately there is a range of sanctions the executive could bring to bear, but this is not a mechanism in order to trigger those.

"It creates the opportunity to have that conversation so that people can express concern in a way that doesn't mean one member having to have that conversation with another - there is now a forum at the NACM to express concerns."

Martin Thatcher, chairman of the marketing and communications committee, said: "The reality is that alcohol is under the most intense scrutiny and, although NACM members are all responsible and committed producers, we have to try to guard against material or comments and activity not meeting our high standards, thereby causing problems for all of us, producers and consumers."

NACM said the procedure is a first for the drinks trade, and added that it was the first drinks organisation to have a code of conduct covering marketing and promotions, even before the Portman Group.

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